About Me and what I do to help Clients.

I help to create wealth in Real Estate one person at a time by using creative solutions and strategies on a personal level with a professional touch.As an Agent and professional investor I work hard at L.U.C.K. (Living Under Correct Knowledge). I want to make sure I know how to help my clients so I provide to them the best possible strategies for achieving their goals.

I also try and provide helpful solutions for Financial Literacy or help them understand how they to can learn to become a Real Estate Investor. I challenge many to do better and to think outside the box. Many lives can be changed just by a small push in the right direction or just by education!

Knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Real Estate is a made up game! We all should learn how to play it!

I have taken on a personal growth to educate myself in these areas;

Advanced Legal Strategies
Advanced Tax Strategies
Building a RME Portfolio
Building Your Team
Business Financial Management I
Business Financial Management II
Buy & Hold I (Strategy & Analysis)
Buy & Hold II / Landlording
Buyer Beware
Computer Property Analysis
Creative Acquisition Strategies
Creative Financing
Establishing Your Business Vision
Financial Literacy
Fix & Flip
Introduction to Land Development
IRA & Retirement Plan Investing I
IRA & Retirement Plan Investing II
Lease Options
Legal Strategies
Managing Property Managers
Market Analysis
Multi-Family Dwellings
Multi-Family Property Management
Negotiations for Real Estate
Probate Purchases
Real Estate
Seller-Financed Notes
Short Sales
Subject-To Purchases
Tax Lien Certificates
Tax Strategies
Understanding Mortgages

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